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The most memorable
experience in Tokyo!


Kimono is a traditional garment that was once an everyday clothing choice in samurai-era
Japan, and is presently the highest standard of formal clothing
and is worn on special occasions or for traditional activities.
Wearing it denotes respect and politeness, often resulting in many compliments.

At KIMONO QUEEN, we would like you to feel very special,
like the most beautiful QUEEN in the whole world.
We would love you to join us and experience
this magical world of authentic Japanese Kimono.



We at KIMONO QUEEN strive our very best for you, for an amazing traditional Japanese experience, from selecting your beautiful authentic Kimono and during the wearing service and hair styling to match, we will offer to you, our explanation on the history and different types of Kimono.

For those who would like to know more about which Kimono to wear for what occasions or seasons, or in-depth understanding about etiquette while wearing Kimono, our professional certified coordinator will advise on types of Kimono and accessories, to suit the occasion, your physique and taste.


  • 01SELECT/ Approx. 30min
  • 02STYLING & ADORNMENT/ Approx. 60min

01SELECTING/ Approx. 30min

Choose from our wide selection of beautiful authentic Kimono, and our professional certified coordinator will advise to suit the occasion and season, your physique and taste.


  • 01SELECT/ Approx. 30min
  • 02STYLING & ADORNMENT/ Approx. 60min
  • 04UNDRESSING/ Approx. 30min

02/ Approx. 60min

We will present for your selection various hair styles & accessories including Kanzashi ( traditional hair ornaments) to match your chosen Kimono and occasion and further enhance the final Kimono effect. We will then dress you in the Kimono of your choice, coordinate Obi and other accessories to match.


  • 01SELECT/ Approx. 30min
  • 02STYLING & ADORNMENT/ Approx. 60min


You can take a Japanese rickshaw to tourist spots around Ginza and/ or going to a sushi restaurant for lunch or afternoon tea at Japanese style Café. We also offer various Japanese traditional art experiences (tea ceremony, Japanese traditional dance performance, fabric dyeing and Japanese calligraphy) for you to enjoy at KIMONO QUEEN.


  • 01SELECT/ Approx. 30min
  • 02STYLING & ADORNMENT/ Approx. 60min

04UNDRESSING/ Approx. 30min

We kindly request that you return to our store by 18:30 so that we can help you undress from the Kimono and accessories. Then we can catch up on your experience of the day!


Wedding Kimono

We have various Bridal Uchikake Kimono including Shiromuku (white wedding kimono) and Iro Uchikake (beautiful patterns include seasonal flowers and trees as well as birds such as cranes and phoenix.) They can be worn via our Wedding Plan.


Furisode Kimono are the most formal style of kimono worn by young unmarried women in Japan. They are brightly colored and made of very fine quality silk. For your once in a lifetime Kimono experience, we would highly recommend this type of Kimono.


Tomesode Kimono are the most elegant and formal one for married women. They have patterns only below the waistline (not on the top), and are considered as a ‘Western’ evening dress.


Hōmongi’s attractive pattern beautifully flows in shoulders, seams and sleeves. It is a great choice for social events such as a wedding ceremony, a class reunion, and other parties.

We have a variety of other Kimono types, including Children’s and Men’s Kimono, that are not listed above. Please come to our store to feel and view our selection.

We have a variety of Kimono sizes however there is a limited number of extra large/ extra tall Kimono available.

Currently the maximum size of our Kimono is 130cm waist/ hip measurement. To avoid disappointment, please contact us prior to making a reservation.


Standard Kimono Dressing PlanKimono, Hair styling, Accessories, Dressing and 1 Studio Photo are included in the prices below.



Child (Age 3 to 6)15,000Yen

Consumption tax exclusive (10 %)

We can accommodate ladies’s size up to 140cm (hip or waist).
Gents’s size up to 150cm (hip or waist).

Wedding Kimono PlanKimono, Hair styling, Accessories, Dressing and 1 Studio Photo are included in the prices below.

From80,000Yen per couple

Consumption tax exclusive (10 %)

Kimono Dressing ServiceKimono rental fee is not included.




Men’s Kimono5,000Yen~

Children’s Kimono3,000Yen~

Hair styling6,000Yen~

Consumption tax exclusive (10 %)

Other Services and Pricing

Japanese Rickshaw Rides

Pricing starting at7,000Yen

Consumption tax exclusive (10 %)

You can visit famous tourist spots (Imperial Palace, Ginza, Kabukiza, Nihonbashi, Asakusa and more) in beautiful Kimono. If desired after undressing the Kimono you can also go to the next destination by our rickshaw.

Tokyo Station
Studio photoshootsWe have several backgrounds to choose from.


Consumption tax exclusive (10 %)

Studio photoshoots
Location Photoshoots


Consumption tax exclusive (10 %)

Data is typically delivered within 7-14 days of the shoot to a dedicated site for you to download from. Express data processing will incur an extra fee.

Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station
Group Plans

Bespoke plans can be arranged to suit your budget and requests. Groups of 10 or more get a discount, please contact us for more information. We can cater for a large group of 100 guests or more (corporate parties and large inbound tourists groups).

We can also organise our qualified Kimono dressing staff to come to your accommodation or any other requested locations (shrines, temples, wedding venue etc.) to dress you in Kimono properly to suit any occasion.

Group Plans

・Optional Services - Dispatch our qualified staff to the location of your choice.
・Hair styling and makeup staff
・Professional photographers (specialised in Kimono photoshoots)
・Japanese cultural instructors
・Various Japanese gourmet chefs
・Japanese Rickshaw drivers
・Transport services providers (bus and limousine drivers)
・Souvenir sales staff
・Japanese costume street performers
・Samurai sword fighting show
・Japanese drum show
・Ninja show

Payment Methods

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Cancellation Charges

We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 23 hours or less before the event.

・14 days prior notice50%

・7 days or less notice100%

Cut-off of prior notice based on 5PM Japan time.



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4th Floor, The Imperial Hotel Plaza
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